5 Things to Do In Turks and Caicos

5 Things to Do In Turks and Caicos

Home to the third largest barrier reef in the world, Turks and Caicos Islands is a tourist haven, especially for those who want to enjoy some water sports. But if you are planning to visit this place for your honeymoon, then there are plenty of Turks and Caicos honeymoon villas available as well. While people may prefer to just sit back and relax in here, but there’s loads to do as well, some of which are exclusive to this island. So let’s begin!

Visit Little Water Cay

Fondly referred to as Iguana Island, this place houses the island’s last remaining population of rock iguanas. There are private as well as government excursions which incorporate the conservation efforts and include the preservation site in the sailing or snorkeling outings. You can also hop onto a kayak and discover little water cay’s islets. If you want to get some land under your feet then there are long boardwalks spread across the island which will allow you to stroll among the greenery and learn more about the native vegetation and wildlife. Where to access the boardwalk from? It’s simple- from the north and south. But do keep in mind that the northern trails are more difficult to traverse especially under the noon sun. Even though in the end destination of the gazebo you can have lunch in the company of geckos and iguanas are well worth the effort.

Enjoy Taylor Bay (Provo)

The best place to just let loose, but not in the adventuring sense, but in how you can relax without caring about anything since the hundreds of yards of shallow water along with no steep drops will let parents still back and enjoy the place. This tranquil bay is full of seemingly rippling white sand along with softly rippling blue waters which house starfish. Located on the southwest coast of Provo, this crescent beach can be difficult to reach due to the direction, so make sure that you prepare a map beforehand. But your arduous journey will be rewarded with limited crowds. Pro tip: Don’t forget to bring chairs and umbrellas if you are planning on staying for a while since there’s no shade or other facilities available.

Visit the only Conch Farm in the world

Known as the world’s first and only commercial conch farm, a visit to this place will spice up your regular beach-going days. Conches are a delicacy in Turks and Caicos and are pretty readily available any menu here thanks to this farm. Located on the east side of Providenciales, you can hitch on a tour to learn about how the farm operates and the life cycle of a conch. It may sound boring now, but the vivid experience of actually holding them after listening to the presentation will be a surreal experience. You will get to see the various areas of the farm and even get to pet the conches. It is a unique experience in every sense of the word since there isn’t anything like it in the world. As a bonus, they also allow you to buy conch shells which won’t have holes in them. Some pro tip:

  • Carry cash since they only accept that.
  • Also while you are on the island, make sure to visit the mangroves as well and make the most of your trip.

Play at Provo Golf Club

Filled with palm trees and jutting limestone, the 18 hole courses at Provo golf club brings travelers to the Turks and Caicos Islands. The lush course is surrounded by indigenous plants and you can even spot pink flamingoes loitering therein. The tee marks on this 20-year-old course are made from the island’s conch shells. Visitors find the aesthetic to be similar to the Caribbean. Also, the near-perfect weather allows players to practice without any natural hindrance. But that’s not all; the staff ensures that you get the service worth your money with tee times available every day from 7 is till sunset. If you feel like your golf skills aren’t up to the mark then the club offers the opportunity to get lessons from PGA teaching professionals. Remember that if you plan on playing then pack in your attire. Some pro tips:

  • You don’t have to carry your clubs since they are available for rent.
  • Carry your cards and money, because things are expensive in here.
  • If you get tired after playing then there’s a bar and grill where you can grab your grub while enjoying a panoramic view of the golf course.

Go for Horseback riding

Tired of the water and the ocean? How about getting up on land to go for some horseback riding? Even if you are not tired of the sea, even then you can enjoy horseback riding on the land as well as partially submerged in the sea. Here are some tips to help you show off your equestrian talents better:

  • Wear close-toed water shoes so that it doesn’t slip off.
  • Don’t climb on with a camera; just give it to the guides who will snap plenty of photos for you.
  • Call ahead to know which days they are open and which one is the day when the horses rest.

There’s a whole lot to do and enjoy in this island group. Make sure that you go with plenty of time on your hands to fully experience the wonders of this place- from fine, white sandy beaches to muddy mangroves, this place has it all.

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