A Glance into ICET pattern

A Glance into ICET pattern

ICET stands for Integrated Common Entrance Test. It’s a gateway for any student desiring to study Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Any graduate interested to study MCA or MBA in the university or any of the affiliated colleges needs to undergo the entrance exam.

The entrance test paper is categorized generally into 3 parts that comprise of two hundred questions. The categories are communication ability, analytical ability and mathematical ability. The test lasts for 150 minutes without negative valuation. As per numerous analyses done by reputed educational institutions, some astonishing keys came to the board about question types and their difficulty level. The difficulty level of the paper is sound and moderate but efficiency in time management is the key to succeed in the entrance. This article is all about the section-wise survey that will enable you to prepare well for similar kinds of entrance tests.

Analytical Ability:

The paper is composed of subjects like data sufficiency, reasoning and data analysis. Let’s peep into the subjects.

Data Sufficiency: Math and arithmetic parts are the major domains of the subject. A higher probability of getting more math questions is analyzed keeping in mind the scenarios of last few years pattern. Progressions, Numbers, Ratio, Trigonometry, Geometry, Indices, Sets, Averages, Functions, Profit & Loss, and Coordinate Geometry are the main areas that you should focus on to crack the math part.

Data Analysis: This part will have two sets- DI set and Venn diagram. Each of the sets has 5 questions. Also revise the pie chart portion well as it’s the main part of data interpretation section. The difficulty level will be mild for this part.

Reasoning: Reasoning comprises set of 42 questions. The difficulty level will be higher. Direction sense, coding and decoding are the parts you should not miss while revising. This part will be displayed in a difficult pattern with many surprises of rare questions. So, this part needs tough preparation to crack the area.

Mathematical Ability:

It’s a set of 75 questions and it’s a section where you need to have the best time management skills. You can face spontaneous uncommon questions- equations, surds, Simple Ratio and Proportion, In-equations, Laws of Indices, Percentages, Profit & Loss, Numbers, Time & Work, Si/CI and Sets, in-equation, Percentages & Modular arithmetic are common fields from where you can get the major questions.

Communication Ability

The English component will have 45 questions in total, out of which 15 questions will be from comprehension package and 25 will be from grammar and vocabulary. Also revise the antonym and synonym parts as it will be the crucial portion to cover the vocabulary part.

Remember to learn the verbs, phrasal verb, prepositional phrase, and auxiliaries very well so as to defeat the grammar part.

Computer and Business Terminology:

It’s also a part of communication ability portion; this part will be quite average but the difficulty level of business questions will be lower than computer technology.

The time has come when various aspirants will try for masters to build their career stronger. Therefore, it’s hoped that the article will help all the aspirants to have a briefing on the ICET patterns because studying at ICET will be a great experience.

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